CAJ Entertainment is proud to present our newest creation 'Excursions'.

The show is currently in development and will premiere during Anywhere Festival Brisbane on
July 19th to 21st 2024, 7pm at Vulcana Circus in Morningside, QLD.

About the show

‘Excursions’ is a new, innovative, hybrid show that seamlessly blends the mesmerizing worlds of circus, live music, and physical theatre.

Join our two protagonists on an extraordinary journey that blurs the boundaries between reality and the fantastical, turning mundane office days into enchanting adventures.

As the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, ‘Excursions’ invites you to witness a fusion of awe-inspiring aerial feats, an ingenious ground apparatus, and the skillful melodies of a highly talented guitarist. This one-of-a-kind show promises not only a visual and auditory feast but also a thought-provoking exploration of our societal norms, challenging the conventional 9 to 5 routine.

About the artists

This show is performed by Aline Chapet-Batlle (A Line In The Air), circus artist and Eric Roeting, musician. Both born in France, the pair met in Perth in 2017 and started working together on shows featuring circus and live music shortly after. They premiered their first short piece ‘On The Inside’ during Guerrilla Fest in January 2020 in Perth and have since worked together on multiple shows including Extravaganza, Exhibit and Parisian Nights (which they co-directed). ‘Excursions’ is their first full-length show performing only as a duo.

About CAJ Entertainment

CAJ Entertainment was established in 2018 by Aline Chapet-Batlle to produce contemporary circus shows supporting the Australian circus and performing arts industry.

What started as a small, open stage cabaret turned into the first Perth Circus Festival at the State Theatre Centre of WA in 2021, presenting 5 shows with over 15 professional performers and 40 circus students.

Since then, CAJ Entertainment’s productions Exhibit-Unhinged, Extravaganza and Parisian Nights have been performed at multiple Festivals and Community Events such as the Joondalup Festival, the Imaginarium Belmont Festival and the City of Victoria Park Twilight Soiree.

The new show Excursions is CAJ Entertainment’s first showing on the East Coast and we’re proud to continue our mission to create shows you’ll remember forever.