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Perth Circus Events and Productions with a major focus on WA contemporary circus.

CAJ Entertainment – Create Art Joy is an entertainment company created by Aline Chapet–Batlle in 2018.

We create circus events and production to showcase the best of the Western Australian Contemporary Circus, at an affordable price.

To discover more about what we offer, you can come to EXHIBIT, our bi-monthly open stage for Circus.

Contemporary Circus Productions

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Open Stage for Perth’s Contemporary Circus

EXHIBIT  is a platform where Perth’s artists can exchange with their audience to present new ideas, shows and works in the making. We showcase a variety of artistically challenging and technically excellent circus acts from local circus performers. All this in a relaxing and laid back environment. And there is a bar!

Saturday 15th May, 8pm – CirQuest HQ, North Perth

We loved the variety of performances, the friendly atmosphere and the skilled artists!
Exhibit #1

Living Statue

Tetra – up to 2 hours- Indoor or outdoors

Perfect for corporate settings, this performance showcases A Line In The Air‘s crazy circus acrobatics.
While your audience comes in your venue, discovering the incredible decor you’ve created, they will be drawn to this unusual combination of movement and stillness, reacting to the nearby environment…

Available for bookings in Perth and WA

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Contemporary Circus for Everyone

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On The Inside

Tetra & Live Music – PAST PRODUCTION

On The Inside tells the story of two humans stuck in their daily routine. Dreaming of wonderful and unusual interactions, hoping for them to come to life. Projecting their desires into reality, they create a whole new world of circus, musical performances and physical theater with one unique goal: escaping the current set of rules. With the unique circus structure Tetra, join contemporary circus performer A Line In The Air and guitarist Eric Roeting on a quest towards freedom and evasion… 

Not available for bookings

It was so good! Lots of poetry and a beautiful connection between the music and the circus.
On The Inside

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